Playmat Kick ‘n’ Play Newborn Baby Playmat


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By kicking the piano keys, your child can do stretching exercises which enhance her flexibility and motor skills. Sounds of music, bright lights and colors help develop your baby’s sense of hearing and visual abilities. Accompany your baby from 0 months to 36 months old 0~9 month Promote the development of the spine, exercise your baby’s crawling ability, promote coordination of hands and feet 9~36 month Grab the toy and hit the piano, exercise hand and feet strength, enhance the coordination of the mind with the hands and feet Where development comes into play? Sensory: Lots of bright colors, a variety of textures, and all those exciting songs, sounds and phrases stimulate and engage your baby’s developing senses. Gross Motor: With all that kicking, reaching, and pushing up, those little muscles are getting ready for big things. Curiosity & Wonder: Rewarding activities like pushing on the piano keys and hearing fun tunes will keep your baby coming back to this gym again and again. Early Academics: As your little active learner kicks and plays away, they’ll hear phrases and songs that reinforce what they see, introducing them to colors, shapes, numbers and animals.