Hanna Montana Walkie Talkie Set


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There is no denying children love toys. So why not treat them with this high quality Hanna Montana walkie talkie set. Made from a sturdy materials and the ability to transmit sound up to one hundred meters, your child will not doubt love this item. What’s more it represents the iconic character from the hit TV show Hannah Montana.

Product Features
✹ Brand new item
✹ On/Off volume control
✹ Push-to-talk button
✹ Flexible and robust antenna for best reception
✹ Ergonomic design for children
✹ Age suitability 3+
✹ Colors: Pink & purple

Package Includes
✹ 2 x Hannah Montana walkie talkies

Please be aware that this Hanna Montana Walkie Talkie Set  requires 9 Volt batteries to operate, which are not included with the item. This toy is not suitable for children under the age of 3. Strict supervision is required.