Walkie Talkie Set Marvel Heros


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Avengers assemble! Let your child fight with this high grade frequency walkie talkie playset. With not only a superb range but also made from high grade plastic this item will survive numerous drops and other bumps during play time. It features the most iconic tanker hero to be featured on the big screen.

Please be aware that this item is suitable for children aged 3 years or older. We recommend careful supervision of children under this age and we will not be responsible for any harm to your child.

Product Features
✹ 100% Brand new item
✹ Uses high grade frequencies
✹ Looks fantastic
✹ Perfect for any child aged 3+ years
✹ Characters: Captain America & Iron man
✹ Movie: Captain America Civil WarProduct Includes
✹ 1 x Captain America Walkie Talkie Set