Army Combat Force Set


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Army Combat Force Set

This is the perfect toy set for young children due to not having many small pieces. Both the three included soldiers are large, along with the plastic toy accessories. The eight piece Army Combat Force Set features three soldiers, two walls, and more than five accessories for each soldier.

The soldiers are made from a high quality hard plastic to prevent damage while being played with. It helps to prevent breaks while being dropped or accidentally stood on. The accessories are made from a more bendable plastic as they are more lightweight and less likely to be damaged.

Some of the soldiers have movable limbs, however due to the posture of the figures not all limbs are movable. The set is neatly packed in a plastic bag to ensure that no figures or toy accessories for this set are lost after play time.

We recommend that you buy this for a child of three years or older as there are small items that may be a hazard to the child in question if he/she is younger than three years.